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Lively – Living Leadership and Stakeholder Participation

• Is your organisation lively?
• Are you inspiring your staff to excellence?
• Do your customers sense that and love to collaborate with you?

I can facilitate organisations in coming to life, help living leadership and stakeholder participation flourish, develop the full potential of an organisation, and demonstrate how it can self-organise to practice constant change and even love it.

Since 2001 organic farming was publicly promoted all over Germany under Renate Künast, and yet the markets did not grow in 2002 and 2003. I asked myself, how change really happens and discovered for myself group methods for shaping the future and engaging whole systems like Open Space Technology, Future Search, World Café and others. I immediately sensed that they enable real change. Then I learned more methods and practical ways. In the US I became a Genuine ContactTM Trainer and learned how to use the full potential of all participants by living leadership and participation of stakeholders.

Living leadership and stakeholder participation promotes and uses the diversity and self-organising forces of living systems. These are exactly the same principles that govern organic farming. In organic farming, the first and main concern is also to create a life-nurturing environment for plants and animals instead of controlling pests afterwards using chemical pesticides.

Living leadership and stakeholder participation or "Genuine Contact™ – a holistic approach to organisational success" can be taught and learned. I provide interactive workshops as open courses or as closed in-house seminars.

Example of a Genuine Contact™ Introductory Course

How to use the full potential of individuals and whole organisations
The self-organising conference for real challenges: Open Space Technology, 4 principles, 1 law, bumblebees and butterflies and the necessary “givens”, parameters for this (be prepared to be surprised)

Whole Person Process Facilitation engaging whole humans: mind, body, emotion, spirit and learning by observing, doing, thinking, feeling; creating a life-nurturing atmosphere; learning to trust the process, presence.

The Medicine Wheel Tool© as an instrument for diagnosis and development
Living leadership unfolding, engaging staff, customers, suppliers and others.

One day course 9 am – 6 pm, 5- 50 participants
For seminars open to the public see also News and

Further and more specific contents and formats including smaller and larger events upon request
Publication, English only: Holman, Devane, Cady, The Change Handbook, expanded edition 2007 including Genuine Contact™ see excerpt as a pdf
Publication German only: Matthias zur Bonsen et. al., Leading with Life, Gabler Verlag, March 2009
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