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Sustainable – ecological, economic, social

• Do you inspire your staff, customers and suppliers even after the day has finished?
• Do you have a mission that is really lived by?
• Is your company contributing to a better world?

I provide a compass for orientation in a diverse, contradictory and complex world, giving directions to a sustainable organisation.

Beyond the jungle of labels
Any company or organisation that holds itself in esteem today is healthy, ecological, fair, caring, ethical, has an Environmental Officer, a strategic purchasing system, a CSR department, an environmental report, an EU-ECO-Audit and higher environmental and social aims. Some of this is genuine commitment, some it has been demanded by markets, some is “greenwashing”.

Many eco- and fair-trade labels are supposed to offer orientation and some publications are supposed to offer orientation in the orientation. But the core is simple and common sense.

The word “sustainable” originates from early forestry and implies, that you don’t cut more wood than grows back. That was ecological and economical all in one go. The social aspect was looked at separately in those times. Today in a global world, social aspects must be included. As anything is doable, we carry a larger responsibility. It’s as simple as that.
And people can learn this just as easily, when we start with the way they live their own lives and their working environment and don’t dump theories and facts onto them. Really sustainable are learning organisations.

I call my courses “Compass of Sustainability” and they start from where the participants find themselves. They are designed to awaken the common sense that slumbers in people. They use the different learning styles of observing, doing, thinking, feeling.

I train your staff, executives and multipliers in the Compass of Sustainability.
Using it, anybody can align their own action with their own wellbeing and the common good. Participants learn to act sustainably from their own insight and responsibility.

The content starts at the relevant practical issues of the organisation and the form supports the autonomous development of the Compass of Sustainability already in the workshop. I contribute experiences from the domains of food and agriculture, shaping the future and marketing.

I provide the Compass of Sustainability as an in-house workshop for companies and organisations a
· one-day introductory course
· two-day course for completion (only for participants who have completed the introductory course)
· three-cay compact course with the whole program in one go

Further and more specific contents and formats including smaller and larger events upon request.

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