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Successful – success creates success

• Do your members of staff and suppliers achieve success?
• Do they rejoice about their successes and build on them?
• Do they learn from failures?

I create conditions for the sense of achievement in individuals and organisations, to develop trust in one’s own power and potential.

Often people or groups of people feel caught up in their problems or burdened by everyday matters. Nowadays, there are plenty of methods and ways for those who want to shape their destiny and future. This applies equally for individuals and organisations. Most of these methods and ways come nowadays from the US but originate from old tribal cultures or other cultures around the world.

They are solution-oriented, using good experience and success to create success. "Appreciative Inquiry" is such a method and way for groups and organisations.

I know several such methods and ways from my own experience. I find the best results come from

Genuine ContactTM™ Basic Workshops:

Individual Health and Balance and
Organisational Health and Balance

I provide them as in-house workshops in companies and organisations as a
· one-day introductory course
· two-day course for completion (only for participants who have completed the introductory course)
· three-cay compact course with the whole program in one go

Further and more specific contents and formats including smaller and larger events upon request
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