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Organic Farming – Healthy and Sustainable Agriculture

• Would you like to improve your purchasing of organic food and organic raw materials?
• Are you looking for reliable partnerships with organic farmers, processors, traders?
• Are you looking for the whole diversity of fresh organic products in top quality?

As an organic food and farming expert, I advise and facilitate traders, industry and farmers’ cooperatives in establishing strategic partnerships. I know what I am doing.

My experience (excerpt):

• Organic farming in Germany, basics: healthy soil, healthy plant, healthy animal, healthy humans,
organic cycle, crop rotation, humus, organic market, regional organics, the economy, organic
associations, EU organic regulation, organic seals, history, development and outlook
• Organic warming world-wide, from organic bananas in a tropical rainforest at an Indio reservation in
Costa Rica to breeding livestock on the dry steppe of Mongolia, from organic pepper and organic tea in
India via organic dates in Saudi Arabia to organic oranges and organic olive oil in the Mediterranean,
from organic millet from the Great Plains of the midwestern United States to organic coffee from the
mountains of southern Mexico
• Structures of supplies, strategic buying, sourcing, supply chains, contract farming, quality
management, quality assurance for organic baby food, successful matchmaking, communication,
prevention of organic fraud.

Interactive Workshops
tailormade, subjects are combined according to request

Theme e.g. : “Organic farming in our…. …………. (fill in name of your region)”
With tour to organic farm or organic farmer ……………………in………………………….
or “The huge diversity of organic farming world-wide”
or “Strategic buying of organic food”

Theme and content of each workshop are customized for the specific assignment. I will gladly include a visit to an organic farm or processor or importer.

Possible subjects for a workshop e.g.:
• Basics of organic farming: ecology, economy, social, crop rotation, humus, location, nature protection,
organic farming technology, organic market, basic organic economy,
• Regional products in Europe: organic fruit, organic vegetables, organic potatoes, organic milk, organic
airy products, organic eggs, organic meat, organic cereals
• Organic bananas, organic coffee, organic chocolate, organic tea, organic spices, organic figs, organic
dates, how are they grown? Can one trust them?
• Which cooperatives, traders and importers supply what?
• What kind of strategic alliances are necessary or useful? How can these be initiated? What is offered?
What is demanded? How does quality flourish? How does trust develop?
• How can fraud be prevented?
• How can partnerships among suppliers and purchasers be kept alive?
• When and how can supplier relationships be communicated to consumers?
• Can one learn how to treat conventional farmers from supply chains with organic farmers and vice

I will be glad to make your tailormade offer
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