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Shaping the Future - in companies, organisations, regions

• Do you want the best for your company, organisation or region?
• Do you believe that different stakeholders or players can achieve more together?
• Can you strengthen your profile in the region with the right event?

" Shaping the future in …………… (insert name of the region)"
Companies, associations, organisations, restaurants and others can make themselves easily known with such an event. I facilitate a productive dialogue among the most diverse stakeholders of a company, organisation and region.

Potential stakeholders/players:
men and women, children, teenagers, senior citizens, architects, attendants, artists, carpenters, caterers, cleaners, council members, craftsmen and craftswomen, dancers, educators, electricians, employees, engineers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, exhibitors, farmers, firemen, gardeners, hairdressers, hoteliers, industrialists, managers, masons, musicians, physicians, plumbers, nurses, others, police officers, public officials, rangers, self-employed, service providers, social workers, teachers, tradesmen and tradeswomen, unemployed, vendors and many more…

When there is an issue of concern to many, we find ways to involve them and to participate
in creating or finding a solution.

Initiators find like-minded partners and an organisation as a sponsor. They organize a Future Search for the company, the organisation, the region or a problem and those involved then shape their own future. A successful future search is facilitated professionally in its preparation, execution and post-processing.
I am familiar with the Future Search tool and the very different perspectives of many stakeholders and players. I include such diverse issues as: agriculture, nature preserve, tourism, catering, sport, games, fun, art, sights, trade, consumers…

My offer
Facilitating Future Search
Preparation: 3 days, spread over a minimum of 6 weeks, better 3 months
facilitating the preparing team of 4 – 8 people
Execution: Start Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday until noon
Facilitating + input for the plenum and for several small workshops
Post-processing: 2 half days, after 3 weeks and after 3 months respectively, facilitating the evaluation of the preparing team plus other participants in the Future Search.

Facilitation of the whole process for 50 -150 participants

I will be glad to support the making of a professional and prestigious documentation as a book, pdf and/or film DVD.

Upon request I am only too happy to send an example of a DVD about the Future Search Organic Market in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Further and more specific contents and formats including smaller and larger events upon request
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