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Marketing using common sense

• Are you looking for the best ways to market your products / services?
• Would you like to better understand your diverse customers and optimize how you address them?
• Do you know your markets, your USP and the relevant strategies?

I facilitate the development of your profile and your roadmap for successful marketing.

My approach:
In Autumn 2008, I was in Mongolia as a marketing expert. A marketing manager there apologized for being an agricultural engineer, already 58 years old and without ever having gone to marketing college. I congratulated him and confirmed that all of this applied to me, too. However, he had one crucial advantage - he knew the local customs and culture. I, on the contrary, have a lot of experience in marketing but only in very different countries. But I have a tool to jointly develop a marketing plan without missing any essential part.

What matters:
As in any project, preparation is crucial in marketing. I prepare according to the Medecin WheelTM Tool of the Genuine ContactTM approach by Birgitt Williams: From the core of the project via leadership, vision, community to practical implementation. While the first steps can be taken with me alone, customers are also needed for “those involved”. B2B customers usually know what they want. But consumers often do not know what they want and tend to pay lip-service that has nothing to do with their actual actions.

Here experience in marketing and facilitating is needed to get to useful results, no matter whether marketing for industrial goods, a region, a service, a café, a boat rental service, a carnival, a restaurant, an exhibition, or…

Common marketing for several diverse enterprises in a town, a district, a region, or a quarter is often particularly successful.

Offer of interactive workshop: "Successful Marketing"

Agenda (excerpt):

• What is the purpose of your activity, your product, your service, your enterprise?
• What is your vision of where you want to be in 2 years time?
• Who are your customers? How, when and where do they decide on your product or service?
• Who do you need to produce and present your product / service in the way that customers want to
have it?
• What wider environment is needed to produce and present your products / service successfully?
• What practical steps must you take to inform, to involve, to convince? Quality and quality promise,
packaging, placement, advertising, word of mouth, internet, guerilla marketing…
• and more

One day course 9 am -6 pm, 3 – 50 participants

Further and specific contents and formats as well as larger projects upon request
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